Raising a furry four-legged friend in a busy city can sometimes be tricky to navigate. Finding a large, grassy area for your dog can be a tall order depending on where you live, but look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best dog parks in the city:




Clarence Square Dog Park:

Located at the intersection of Spadina and Wellington, this newly renovated park features a fenced in dog area and plenty of benches for an afternoon of people watching. In the spring you can look forward to a clear and designated bike path, and plenty of trees to shade a nice afternoon in the park!


High Park:

This famous park is nearly 400 acres in the middle of downtown Toronto. This park is great for the whole family. There is plenty of space for picnics, sports, and leisure, but specifically for our four-legged friends, there are designated off-leash dog parks and several nice trails for you and your best friend to explore! The park also features various lakes and ponds scattered throughout. It is the ideal afternoon outing for you and your dog!


Coronation Park:

This quaint area located in the Waterfront district is just east of Ontario Place. It is large and fully fenced, with a lovely view and a nice wood chip ground cover. The nice thing about this park is its distance from highly dense residential areas, which means it tends to be less populated than some of the other parks mentioned in this list. It is also the perfect spot to have a picnic on the shoreline of Lake Ontario on a warmer day!


Riverdale Park:

With the entire park designated as an off-leash designated area, this wide-open park leaves plenty of room for fun and games with your furry friend! Bonus, there are opportunities for you to work out as well thanks to all the paths and stairs found here, so make sure to wear your running shoes!



Allan Gardens:

One of the closest dog parks to the downtown core is located at Allan Gardens, and this one is a fan favourite! This park features space for big and small dogs alike, with designated areas for each! Happen to forget your water bottle? This park even provides a fountain for when your dogs get thirsty from an afternoon filled with activities. Don’t forget to check out the actual Allan Gardens Conservatory while you’re there!


Berczy Park:

Located in Old Toronto, this newly renovated space is not actually a designated off-leash dog area, but people and dogs alike love this park! It is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon reading, chatting, or people watching, while there are patches of grass for your dog to enjoy! Plus, the fountain in the centre of this park was modeled after the dogs who frequent the park!

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