Chestnut Park has always had an invested interest in art. Fine homes and great art work synergistically. We are very excited to be part of yet another extraordinary opportunity in which we have participated as one of the sponsors of the Museum of New.

The Museum of New was founded by Joseph Drapell and poet Anna Maclachlan in 1998 in Toronto, to promote the art of the New New Painters and other artists. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West Gallery District the entire venue is now available to artists and curators who want to explore new exhibition possibilities.

(The artists responsible for the New New Painters Movement)
On April 8th The Museum of New is celebrating an exhibition of New New Painting with their opening night. Some of the artists responsible for these new demanding and significant art will be present.The public is welcome to visit the exhibition every Saturday, including April 8th from 2-5pm until May 13th, or by appointment.
This impressive exhibit will feature ‘New New Painting’ by 12 artists. Their featured works that chronical the history of New New Painters and point to where the movement has been heading in recent years. The New New Painters are often regarded as a group with a single vision, yet the considerable diversity of their work proves otherwise.
Diamon, Bruce Piermarini
Mr. John Henry was the first curator to exhibit New New Painters (NNP) in 1991, (even before their grand opening in Paris in 1992). He also organized the second largest exhibition of NNP in 1999. In his Foreword to the catalog of the exhibition “25 Years of NNP” he wrote: I feel it’s only a matter of time before this group of masterful artists receives recognition at the highest level.
Dancing Hill, Irene Neal
 In spite of many subsequent international exhibitions, the artistic innovations of NNP proved to be “ugly” or “too new” to be understood in their own time and artists had to go ‘underground’. The renowned Canadian filmmaker, T.W. Peacocke is producing a documentary about this experience entitled ‘Art, Freedom, and Cliché’ and will be recording the historical opening of this exhibition.
Over the next 6 weeks on the Chestnut Park blog, we’ll be introducing you to the artists who are showcasing their work at the Museum of New for the duration of this exhibit. Make sure you visit our blog to learn more about who each of the artists are and images of their work.
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