Winter is a great time to cozy up in your home and stay out of the cold. Rather than going to meet friends for dinner, hosting and entertaining guests at home is a great way to stay out of the harsh conditions while still enjoying the company of others.

If you do entertain, you’ll know the amount of work that goes into creating a clean space, delicious food and excellent wine to make your guests happy. That being said, coming to a friends home to be entertained empty-handed is poor etiquette. If you really want to wow you entertainer (and be invited back again), a hostess gift is the perfect way to thank them for their efforts.

If you’re looking for hostess gift ideas, we have some really great ones!


An Exceptional Bottle of Wine or Champaign:

Yes, wine is a common hostess gift, but before you run to the liquor store to buy your favourite bottle or a vintage that looks like it might be good, think outside the box a little. A bottle of wine from a place you visited, or once shared with the hostess at a previous restaurant is a great way to make the gift of wine more meaningful. We recommend a bottle Chardonnay and Pinto Noir from Norman Hardie in Prince Edward County. If it’s an extra special occasion, consider a bottle of Champaign.


Unique Games:

Some people hate them, some people love them, but either way, they can elevate a party as soon as they are played. Games can be a really thoughtful hostess gift because – if played – they can get guests to interact with one another and have a little more fun. Some great ideas are Luxury Scrabble, Bananagrams or Trivia. If you don’t plan on playing games that night, a beautiful Chess Board or Checkers are really classic games and can make a really nice gift.


Coffee Table Book or Cooking Book:

A really nice coffee table book or cook book is a great hostess gift because it’s something that can easily be kept for a long time. They are great for displaying on book shelves, tabletops and more! They are useful home décor item that can be referenced from time to time. There are so many beautiful coffee books available and great cooking books; you can find something for anyone!


Warm Throw Blankets:


Throw blankets are a home-styling staple. This time of year, a throw blanket is a really thoughtful gift for your host. If you really want to splurge, a Hudson’s Bay Company blanket is a great option, or if you really want to wow them, a Pendleton is another beautiful option. Of course there are plenty other more affordable options, including wool and Turkish blankets.


Cured Meats or Special Cheeses

Did you try some sausage or prosciutto from a local butcher recently? Or maybe some delicious artisan cheese from a small town. Pick some up and bring it for your hostess! They can either bring it out to enjoy prior to the meal or as a treat a few days later.


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