Irene Neal is an abstract artists, who’s subject matter is freedom and allowing the beautiful colour of the acrylics she uses, combined with acrylic gel to give a natural vitality and flowing feeling of discovery. Neal lives in Florida, which she says allows her to give her a never-ending realm of luminous formations of clouds, sparkling water and fantastically beautiful birds.


She paints her large free form acrylic and gel paintings on the floor using a canvas as a base or Lexan plastic, and at times found objects. Neal wants people to feel happy when they view her work. She believes there is so much hatred in the world today, she wants to share love.
Neal has and will continue to be experimental and adventurous in her art making, and as a result, she has been rewarded by continual surprises and challenges that arise from this approach. Along with her path of evolving styles and transformations has been her own self…the innate spirit that emerges for her. She will continue to try and express that quality in her work along with the path f abstraction, which for her is the icing on the cake!
Irene Neal’s work can be seen at The Museum Of New until May 13th at the exhibition of the New New Painters. Open to the public, visitors are welcome to visit every Saturday from 2-5pm until May 13th, or by appointment.

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