When trying to find the perfect place for your family to call home, there are always seemingly endless criteria that must be met before you’re ready to make that decision. From schools to safety, culture to the style of homes, picking the right city for your family to grow and thrive in is no easy task. Luckily, for those eager to call Toronto home, or those who already do, the city is one of the most family-friendly you’ll find anywhere, with a wealth of conveniences appealing to parents and kids alike. Here’s what family life in Toronto really looks like:

Amazing culture: While some families long to raise their children at the end of a suburban cul-de-sac, tucked away from the rest of the world, for those eager to expose their children to museums, music, visual art, and more, there are few places that offer the access to a wide variety of cultural experiences you’ll find in Toronto. Although this Canadian metropolis may not have the recognition for its arts culture that cities like New York and San Francisco have lavished on them, Toronto is no less impressive. Museums like the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Gardiner Museum, music venues like Massey Hall and Danforth Music Hall, and theaters hosting some of the world’s most beloved plays and musicals, make this an amazing city to educate your little ones in.
A safe city: Safety is paramount for most parents looking for somewhere to call home, and that’s exactly what they’ll find in Toronto. In 2015, Toronto was named the safest city in North America by The Economist, and its low crime rates and safe, clean streets make it a place parents can be confident letting their little ones explore.
Beautiful buildings to call home: Having an amazing city to call home is one thing, but if your home itself doesn’t inspire you, you’re bound to find yourself dissatisfied. Fortunately, for those who choose to make Toronto their home, a wealth of architectural diversity awaits them. Whether you’re eager to find yourself nestled in the lavish comfort of an amenity-rich modern apartment building or prefer the privacy of freestanding home, Toronto has just what you’re looking for.
Easy walkability:  Getting regular exercise is no great feat when your whole city can be a gym. Toronto is one of the most walkable cities in North America, with safe, well-lit streets in every neighborhood. Whether your kids need to expend some energy or you just feel like stretching your legs, you don’t need to fill up the car to have an adventure with your family — all you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes.
A wealth of outdoor activities at your fingertips: One of the most amazing things about life in Toronto is the mixture of urban life and nature you have access to within feet of your front door. Whether you’re hiking in Tommy Thompson Park, enjoying the wildlife at the zoo in High Park or renting a boat at the Harbourfront Centre, there’s no limit to type of outdoor fun you can enjoy without ever leaving the city.
Finding a place to live is easy, but finding a place that feels like home is not so simple. Fortunately, for those who choose Toronto, the best of city life, nature, arts, and culture are right at your fingertips, just waiting for your whole family to explore.  

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