Ready or not, December is here. For some of us, who have vague ideas about Cyber Monday, when holiday concerts are, and are confident that Christmas Eve is the best time to shop with adrenaline running hot, flipping that calendar inevitably to December 1st is a red flag that we are just not ready for all of it. Just this once, let us not procrastinate til the bitter end. Let us not realize at the last second that we do not have red tights in her size for the concert that we are late for as we run out the door. Let us embrace the gingerbready-cranberry-mulled-wine-white-twinkly-light-lit-big-fat-Santa-blow-up-on-my-lawn insanity of it all and make this the happiest little holiday season ever. And if that didn’t convince you, then here are some pops of red to make you see how that hue really can make you light up. There is nothing meek or mild about red. Let’s get this party started. Even if it’s just one little project a day at a time. We’re all in this together, people.

– Anne



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