Tired of seeing the same furniture everywhere? Has IKEA become a little too common? There certainly isn’t a lack of beautiful home décor stores in our areas of service, it’s just a matter of knowing where they are. To save you from another KALLAX shelf or the black and white rug everyone owns, we’ve found a selection of local stores that offer a little something different.


TORONTO: Design Republic


Design Republic offers something with a little Toronto. You will find unique pieces that reflect the character of Toronto. This store offers super cool custom pieces, and islands to add more dynamic to your open kitchen.




Whether you are furnishing or simply looking for home accents to invite colour and life into your home, Clerkson’s in Collingwood has a lot to offer. They have tons of trendy pieces you would never expect to find in Collingwood. It’s a great place to add something fun to your chalet, recreation property or new home!




Don’t let the name of this store deter you from visiting. A visit to The Local Store could have you walking away with some locally crafted home décor. The talented and skilled residents of Prince Edward County put their creations on display here to be sold to lucky buyers. From wood crafted and refurbished home pieces to beautiful lavender products and beautiful paintings, you likely won’t leave empty-handed.




A little hipster, a little whimsical and perhaps a little boho, VdeV definitely offers something different for your home. You’ll find the products here have a minimalist approach that anyone who appreciates less in their home will love.


MUSKOKA – Muskoka Living


If you want the luxury cottage look, Muskoka Living is your go-to. While it’s quite pricey, it offers that upscale Muskoka looks to impress anyone who visits your Muskoka retreat. Muskoka Living provides a comprehensive array of design services, an industry-leading furniture showroom and a top-tier design centre to a clientele from around the world,

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