Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Toronto? Perhaps you are interested in visiting a new area and experiencing something new. Whether we like it or not, we live in Canada and we have to endure the snow and the cold. We can either complain about it, or embrace it for what it’s worth.
There are many places near Toronto that will allow you to experience winter and appreciate the exciting activities that can come with the chilly season. This month’s top five will suggest five winter weekend getaways you can try that are near the Toronto area.
Get Cozy in Prince Edward County
Part of winter is cozying up by the fire with warm sock, hot beverages and layers of blankets. If you prefer the comfort of the indoors with the option to venture outdoors for entertainment and gourmet dining, Prince Edward County offers many solutions. It’s nearly impossible to lock down accommodations in The County during the summer months, but The County is generally quieter during the winter months and it’s much easier to get bookings at bed and breakfasts and Airbnb’s. Rest assured, much of The County’s charm is preserved even during the colder months.
Enjoy A True Canadian Winter Excursion in Haliburton
Haliburton is further north, so you know you’re going to be faced with ample amounts of snow and a little more wilderness. The benefit of this: exciting winter activities. Haliburton is well-known for their dog sledding excursions. This fun Canadian activity allows you to experience Ontario cottage country from a different (and more exciting) perspective while being led by a pack of excited dogs who live for adrenaline. There’s plenty of different lodging options to try too!
Experience The Outdoors In A Yurt in Algonquin Park
(photo from @e_c_a_l of Gatineau Park)
A Yurt can take winter camping and label it winter glamping. A yurt is sort of like a luxury tent that comes with extra amenities that you wouldn’t be able to stuff into your usual two-person tent. Often a wood stove, a double bed, perhaps a small love seat, and a few other things are available in a yurt. Huntsville is the gateway to Algonquin Park, which is a great place to stock up on supplies before you enter the park. Algonquin Park has much to love, and in the winter, it’s just as beautiful and offers a wonderful display of nature and wildlife that drastically differs from the summer. While the yurts at Algonquin are more of a no-frills experience, you can still experience the outdoors comfortably. Enjoy the warmth of an outdoor fire in the snow and the comfort of a warm tent.
Ski and Spa in Blue Mountain
(Image from BlueMountain.ca) 
If you live in or near Toronto, you’re probably familiar with Blue Mountain resort. Blue Mountain, which is within close proximity to Collingwood, allows anyone to embrace winter activities. Enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding, tubing, snowshoeing and winter caving. If you feel like something fast-paced you can take a ride down the Ridge Runner (weather permitting). If you’re ready to relax after hitting the slopes and enjoying some winter activity, you can spend sometimes enjoying the services at one of the resort’s spas.
Winter Cardio In Creemore
(Image from Ontariotrails.on.ca)

This winter activity can afford you to skip a few days at the gym. The beautiful country trails in Creemore offer a stunning glimpse of winter. Cross Country Skiing is the perfect winter workout and Creemore offers thousands of kilometres of trails…including back-country trails for those who are feeling adventurous. To make a weekend out of it, you can rent a cottage to keep warm at night. 

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