On Wednesday, November 23rd, The Writers Trust of Canada hosted a magical event to support the passion of writing. This glittering evening with Canadas literati brought together the business and arts communities in support of Canadian writers. The evening was brought to life by dynamic dinner guests, including a Canadian writer at every table. With interesting conversation and passion-filled speeches, the evening was truly a delight for all the guests.

Chestnut Park sponsored a table at the event to support the trust. Chestnut Parks sponsorship supports The Writers Trust contribution to the trusts critical support in allowing writers to afford the time to write. Many writers cannot live off writing full time, but they do it because it is their passion. Writing and creative thought are the energy and back bone of a civilized society, and so we are proud to have the opportunity to support The Writers Trust of Canada. 

The Writers Trust of Canada gives over $450,000 annually to writers via competitive book prizes and grants. The trust gets their funds from the Toronto Gala and the Ottawa Politics and The Pen Gala in May as well as donations coming from a few companies and families as the balance. 


(Photos from Tom Sandler and George Pimentel Photography)




Author, Don Tapscott made a passionate speech about writing and authors, and the importants of the written word.



Guests, who are well known in the writing community included Margaret Atwood, Miriam Toews (pictured above) and Ian Brown.





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