Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine has confined all of us to our homes to flatten the curve of positive cases and navigate the safest way forward. While it often seems this pandemic has put the world on pause by discontinuing travel, social interactions, and work, it has not stopped all people from thinking innovatively despite us all being limited in our activity. 



Such is the case with 12 year old Addison Imrie (daughter of Chestnut Park’s Ben Imrie) who ventured to a world most of those her age have yet to – thinking creatively, professionally, and passionately engaging with those around her during a period of high uncertainty.


Recently, Addison started her own paddle business in Muskoka in which she paints paddles and sells them for 75$ with 10% of the proceeds going towards South Muskoka Hospital. As a local, Addison understands that modelling her business around a common element in the vicinity – a paddle – inspires unity and supports some of the bravest individuals to arise from this pandemic – frontline workers at hospitals.



With that being said, Chestnut Park is proud to match the amount that Addison makes for The South Muskoka Hospital and we hope that you can support this terrific cause.


Please contact Addison at the phone number below or email her at to purchase a paddle.

519 503 2273


Please view the collection of paddles below available for purchase:


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