The beauty and ruggedness of the Canadian shield has inspired artists for over a century, and this backdrop will be on full artistic display in the beautiful Muskoka area. You are invited to the summer studio art tour happening on August 17th & 18th. This art tour, already in its 13th year running will showcase works of art crafted by the Artists of the Limberlost, a collective of artists who will be opening their studio doors to display their creations amongst the beautiful backdrop of Limberlost road. The entire tour involves a short drive, with studios opening their doors along Highway 60 and Algonquin Park. 




This relaxed summer tour will take you down the scenic cottage roads near the beautiful lakes of Muskoka with two-afternoon stops at Billie Bear and Oxbow Lodges appealing to the summer visitor who can do it all in one afternoon. Usually quiet and tranquil, the excitement of the tour attracts visitors from nearby cottages and villages to celebrate the beauty of the booming Muskoka region. 





Each studio has two to three artists who will have their work on display. Having the artist there in person will make for a more intimate experience with the art. Exploring through the beauty of Limberlost Road will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at how the artists derive inspiration from their surroundings. Many of the pieces on display have been constructed out of supplies from the local environment such as driftwood, branches, and leaves. You wont want to miss this truly immersive art tour experience! 



Youll discover many breathtaking displays of nature-themed pottery, jewelry, glass art, sculptures and paintings in many different styles, as well as functional art crafted from local lumber. If youve ever found yourself curious about where an artists inspiration comes from, or how the creative process unfolds in the form of visual art, then this tour is the perfect event for you.  This art tour promises to have some unique pieces of visual art that you would only find in the beautiful and famous Muskoka Lakes region. 


Evening at Limberlost: Catherine OMara


Driftwood Sculpture: Jerry Freidman


Jewelry: Carol-Ann Michaelson


This years exhibit will include many forward-thinking pieces of art, featuring driftwood sculptures, nature-inspired jewelry, woodturning, woodland painting, egg tempera paintings, and various visual art installations. You will be warmly welcomed at each stop along the studio tour. The Artists of the Limberlost open studio tour runs August 17 and 18 from 10am-5pm each day. The tour has no entrance fee and is self-directed. To plan your tour and for more information about the artists, visit 



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