Cottage Life Just Became More Luxurious – Muskoka properties may see a surge in prices as because of President and CEO of Porter Airlines, Robert Deluce’s ringing endorsement: “Muskoka is an inspiring destination that attracts travellers from near and far.  This new route serves as a great opportunity to link Muskoka to our North American network.” (Newswire, March 25, 2019).


How is Deluce “linking” North America to Muskoka?



Porter Airlines, voted as one of the most scenic places to land your private plane, is solving the painful Muskoka drive by providing flights from Porter Airlines to Muskoka Airport. Starting June 27, every Thursday at 1:00 pm and Monday at 9:20 am you can hop on a plane from Porter Airlines and, within 20 minutes, escape to the quiet and refuge of cottage country.


To round out the “jet setter” experience, Explorers Edge – a company dedicated to various wilderness destinations in Ontario – will provide a “seasonal shuttle bus service at the airport to deliver Porter passengers to accommodations across the region”. What is more, tourists who book a flight and accommodation will get a $100 CDN spending voucher. Given the ability to “skip the line” with Porter, there is little doubt that flights will be sold out within minutes – especially since Muskoka is an iconic place for North Americans, let alone Ontarians, to inhabit during the summer months.


Why Muskoka?


Whether you’re searching for rest and relaxation, a family getaway or adventure in Canada’s luscious nature, Muskoka has it all. With its breathtaking vistas, history and art scene and a direct flight, Muskoka is bound to become bustling with visitors.



Muskoka consistently wins the prize as one of the best places to visit in Canada:




Written by Natalka Falcomer, VP Corporate Development 

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