Its starting to heat up in Collingwood! Collingwood is a recreational wonderland with a lot of activities to keep you busy…and hot! When you need to cool, you can find some really great options in Collingwood. Dont let the heat stop you from enjoying the outdoors!

After a day of cycling, hiking or whatever activity you decide to enjoy, make a stop at one of these locations:


Enjoy A Scoop of Ice Cream


Indulge in a scoop of your favourite flavour to cool you down this summer. Hatley Scoops provides a combination of selling local apparel as well as local ice cream, with their in-house Kawartha Dairy setup. This is a key spot for all Blue Mountain summer dwellers, especially on a warm summer day. If you’re spending a day at Millennium Park, be sure to check out the Collingwood Ice Cream Co. truck, where you can enjoy an assortment of flavours that will surely cool you off after a day in the sun!


Take A Dip At Wasaga Beach


A classic spot for a traditional summer in Collingwood, and the beautiful beach proves to be a hot spot (literally) throughout the summer. A thriving tourist destination, Wasaga Beach is one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world. The shallow waters keep the water at the perfect temperature for the entire season, so you won’t freeze the second you jump in! A dip in Georgian Bay is the perfect way to cool off after spending a day in the sun, so don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and some sunscreen so you can make the most out of your trip to the beach!


Lake Eugenia Paddling Route


Enjoy a cool breeze while paddling your canoe through the Lake Eugenia Paddling Route. As Grey County’s largest inland lake, Lake Eugenia provides an excellent spot for a ride in a canoe. With rentals available for canoes, kayaks, and motorboats, you can continue your summer adventure on the water. There is also some great fishing spots on the lake as well, as there are several different types of bass residing in this lake. You can visit the Grey County website for more information and download a map of the area for your to explore.


Get Out Of The Sun & Into A Restaurant


Get out of the sun and into a delicious meal. Located just off the edge of Wasaga Beach 3, this fresh market grill is one of Wasaga Beach’s best fine dining experiences. Catch22 focuses on quality as their primary ingredient, serving up fresh local ingredients to create spectacular meals. Throughout the summer, this restaurant is a hot spot for young couples and families alike to indulge in the delicious menu options, which also include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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