Cottage Country in Ontario is flourishing. Specific areas of Ontario have become new hot spots after common regions and areas of the province have become over-saturated with people and prices. While some cottage buyers are trying to avoid Muskoka prices so they can snatch cheaper summer homes in up and coming areas, others prefer the popular areas and have no problem paying luxury prices. Whichever you prefer, there are areas in Ontario you need to watch if you plan on buying a cottage or second home.

Here are the cottage country hot-spots in Ontario you need to know about and why:
Lust For Luxury In Muskoka
(photo provided by Jack Jensan)
Yes, Muskoka is STILL a hot spot. However, unless you’re going in with at least a million, you’ll have to pass on this one. You will be hard pressed to find a waterfront cottage under one million – although, never say never. The most sought after lakes by the rich and the famous are Lake Joseph, Muskoka Lake and Lake Rosseau. There are other areas of Muskoka that will offer cheaper listings, but if you’re looking for minimal renovations, a cottage that is the size of a large home and the opportunity to be part of the glamourized cottage life in Muskoka, the popular lakes are where you’ll want to look. Our agents in Muskoka and Lake and Bays will be happy to help you find your perfect cottage in Muskoka.
The Canadian Hamptons, Prince Edward County
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The lifestyle in the County (as referred to by the locals) can easily be compared to that of The Hamptons in New York. Care-free, beachy-keen  and charming. Slowly the County is building up a high-profile of summer residents and investors who are looking to be a part of the beach and wine lifestyle the County offers, and Chestnut Park agents are starting to feel it. Waterfront properties are perhaps the most popular, but there are wineries scattered across the County that makes finding a home anywhere in the County appealing. While it’s the busiest in the summer with attractions like the Sandbanks Provincial Park and its 45+ wineries, it tends to quiet down for the locals in the winter months. You will find empty summer homes, but a flourishing local community that truly loves to be part of this trendy area in Southern Ontario.
Lakes For Days in The Kawartha’s
In the Kawartha’s, you have a healthy mix of the new and the old. Old properties that have been in the family for years, and newer cottages and summer homes that have been built to replicate the comfortability of luxe Muskoka living. Of course, there’s no shortage of lakes to choose from in this region. With more social hub spots such as Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls and Lindsay, the Kawartha’s are starting to see more young professionals invest in properties that offer year-round accessibility. Waterfront recreation is popular in this region, especially with the amount of lakes. The Kawartha’s have been a cheaper alternative to Muskoka for quite some time now, and the area is only getting hotter as the need for alternatives to Ontario cottage country grows.
New Coveted Cottage Country, Haliburton

(Image provided by Rob Sereduik) 
The lifestyle in Haliburton is laid back cottage life and cottage hunters are taking notice of this less expensive Muskoka area. If you can’t buy Muskoka, you can buy its next door neighbour in Haliburton county. Those who reside in Haliburton embrace all four seasons, taking advantage of winter activities such as snowshoeing and dog sledding and relaxing lake side or enjoying recreation on the water during the summer months. As for the properties, you can enjoy cottages that are new with all the luxury upgrades you would expect in Muskoka at a fraction of the cost, or rustic cabins nestled quietly on the waterfront surrounded by lush green forest. Our team in Haliburton have been super busy as the area gets more attention from the media, such as Cottage Life.
Year-Round Recreation in Collingwood
(Image provided by Debra Gibbon)
Collingwood is best known for its perfect ski hills and winter recreation opportunities. Perhaps the Muskoka of chalet country, it’s known as the four-season recreation area in Ontario. When you’re not skiing in the winter, youre mountain biking, hiking or paddle boarding on the bay in the summer. Although it’s busy in the winter, it’s just as busy in the summer. As the area starts to turn heads with its new brewery and distillery trends, more and more people are starting to move toward Collingwood. Millennials are looking for affordability, while empty nesters and retirees are looking to downsize. Ski chalets can run a buyer over a million, but there are bungalows and small homes priced more affordably. Cheaper? Yes. But it’s the fun, outgoing lifestyle in Collingwood that is attracting cottage and chalet buyers. Just ask our Collingwood agents.
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