Hard to believe, but 60% of borrowers simply sign back the mortgage renewal offer they receive from their current lender. Why do this? 

A renewal is a perfect time to re-calibrate current needs and formulate future plans.


Here are some simple things for you to consider and where a mortgage broker can really help you get the best out of your renewal.


  1. Youre the Boss. If youve got a good track record, lenders will compete for your business. There are innovative solutions and real savings out there
  2. Shop the Market. Thats where we come in. Well get the best rates from a variety of lenders, saving you time and money.
  3. Think About Your Plans. Do you want to refinance to consolidate debt? Use your equity for other investments? Simply lock into todays historically low rates? Now is the time to put ideas into action.
  4. The Lowest Rate isnt Always the Best. There are often penalties associated with exceptionally low rates. Make sure you know the rules up front.
  5. Will Your Bank Offer Loyal Clients the Best Rate? Not necessarily. A Bank of Canada study found that a new customer will actually get a better rate than a long-time client. 



Shop Early. Shop Smart.


Start your search between four and six months before your current term expires. And let us do the legwork. Studies confirm that using a mortgage broker results in a better deal because all the options have been covered.


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