Take an autumn drive through the rolling countryside, quiet town & vibrantly coloured mountains that Southern Georgian Bay has to offer.



The town of Collingwood is a beautiful place visit during the autumn season, especially as the colours are in full spectacle. The ‘Pier’ offers a great walk on the water’s edge while taking in gorgeous views of the mountains that lie a short drive away. The Collingwood Terminals have been a staple of the waterfront since the early 1900s.



Collingwood’s downtown core includes many options for fall shopping, all while strolling the pumpkin & red-tree-lined streets. The crisp air and bright trees combine to create the ultimate autumn vibe.



Creemore, a small town not far from Collingwood, offers a different kind of living for nearby residents. Quiet streets combined with many art-focused shops & galleries provide lots of opportunity to engage with fellow community members. Chestnut Park had recently sponsored the Creemore Festival of the Arts, which showcases around 40 artists & local stores in Creemore.



Stroll into The Mad River gallery to view stunning pieces of art or sip a coffee inside one of the few cafes on the main street. Creemore is also home to Creemore Springs brewery, a charming century old building that creates some of the best lagers in Ontario including an outdoor patio.




Just a few minutes outside of Creemore you can enjoy the calming rolling countryside that becomes full of colour each autumn season.




The Blue Mountains area, home to many ski hills in Collingwood, creates a new way to see the town & forest from above the mountain. 



Up above Scenic Caves road, you can pull over to catch the panoramic view, or park the car & take a scenic hike along the top of Craigleith. There is also lots of fall mountain biking to get your adrenaline pumped up.



Apple Picking is popular for the whole family in the area as well, with an abundance of open land above the mountains.



The Farmer’s Pantry just south of Clarksburg is a great place to bring your kids, pick some apples, and get a great photo in the front of the pumpkins. They are open July to Halloween, 10am to 5pm everyday! Right now there are lots of varieties of apples to pick yourself including spartans, macs, spys, cortlands, and empires!



On your way back down the mountains, make sure to take a quick stop in Thornbury. Grab a bite to eat at Bridges Tavern, a beer at the Corner bar, or take a stroll down to Thornbury Pier to check out the waterfront. The streets in Thornbury are lined with beautiful autumn colours, and it’s a great place to spend an afternoon.


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