The article is written by Judith Taylor. Judith is the founder of Judith Taylor Designs, an award-winning design firm based in Toronto that transforms client’s homes into personal and meaningful spaces. She loves art, colour, pattern, couture details, and most of all she loves to be inspired by what you love.


Small spaces do not have to mean sacrificing style for storage. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, innovative design and practical thinking to make the most out of a limited floor plan. In this article, we explore five ways you can maximize space in your kids’ bedrooms without giving up stylish design.


  1. Rethink Side Tables: Whenever you’re dealing with a small space, first and foremost, you have to consider maximizing functionality. In kids rooms especially, you’ll want to think about how your child will be using their space and what your restrictions are. One of the ways we tackled this compact girl’s room was to omit side tables completely. However, you still need a surface handy in order to keep a glass of water, cell phone, reading material, or tissues nearby. To get the best of both worlds, consider incorporating a floating shelf above the drawers in bedside built-ins. When not in use, this smaller sliding surfaces can be stowed out of sight, thereby eliminating excess clutter.




2. Sneaky Mirrors: A great way to make a smaller space feel larger is to add mirrors. Because they reflect light, mirrors make small spaces feel more open and airy and give the appearance of almost being windows to more space. Use mirrors wisely, like we did in this bedroom remodel on either side of the bed, and then you can forego bulky vanities, over-dresser mirrors, or dorm-style back-of-the-door options.


3. Storage that Makes a Statement: Our Wheeler Ave project pushed us to make the most of the small spaces. Instead of working around bulky furniture pieces, we decided to make a statement out of our storage solution with custom built-ins. By creating a focal point out of the headboard/dresser/side-table combination, we were able to draw visual interest into the bedroom without sacrificing practical storage space. The best part? We gained a lot of floor space by not needing a physical dresser and night tables after the built-in was completed. The room looks much more spacious now!




Looking for more storage? Think vertical! We are so accustomed to big dressers, chests, and side tables to hold our belongings that a good amount of space goes unused above those surfaces. Here, we were able to utilize vertical height to store out of season clothes and shoes, bulky items and memorabilia that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis and take up valuable closet space.


4. Toys and Clutter stay Hidden: It doesn’t take a lot of clutter, toys, or knick-knacks to make a small space feel disjointed and disorganized. In fact, seeing a clutter of picture frames, accessories, and stuffed animals littered about your child’s room can actually make a small room feel smaller. Instead, create deep drawers, baskets, and cubbies to keep everything streamlined and organized.




5. DESIGNER TIP: Work in a monochromatic colour palette. This will help everything appear more put together by being visually soothing. Too many colours and patterns together tend to be too busy visually and can also make a space feel smaller than it is.



Any combination of these five suggestions is sure to help make the most of your child’s room design. When everything has its place and every place has its things, it is much easier to stay organized. Our bedrooms are our havens, and when we design, we want the same for your children. The biggest benefit of all: When you kids love their rooms and there is a place for everything, that means NO clothes on the floor!!


Does your child’s room need a makeover? Better yet, is it time to finally treat yourself and overhaul your master bedroom? We hear it all the time. Our room comes last. Why not prioritize yourself and create a haven to restore yourself. You deserve it right? Work with the Judith Taylor Design Team by contacting us here:

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