Are you planning a move soon? Stay on track leading up to and during your move with a few organizational tips that will keep everything in order during this huge transition. No matter the size of the move, these tips will help you figure out the quickest and easiest way to make a smooth move.


Break Down Your Move By Date


It is integral to keep yourself organized throughout your move, and the best way to tackle this big task is to break it down into little tasks that you can manage each week. First, start by creating a list of everything you need to get done before you move. Depending on when your closing date is, you can break down your list up to 8 weeks in advance. It is also important to prioritize your space according to usage. Start packing your least used spaces first, such as guest rooms and storage spaces, then work backwards from there.


Pack & Label Room By Room


A great strategy to ensure minimal loss or confusion is to pack one room at a time. This will allow you to keep track of everything in a specific room without mixing up boxes or shuffling items into other boxes that may have more space. When packing and labelling your moving boxes, use different coloured permanent markers or use different coloured stickers to differentiate your boxes by room. This is an especially helpful tip to keep children organized through the move, so when they are looking for their boxes, they could look for their favourite colour associated with their boxes. This is also the best time to declutter closets and downsize wardrobes, so try the KonMari method to remove items that you no longer need will not move into your new home.


Notify Everyone About Your Move


No, we are not suggesting you post it all over Facebook, though it is definitely a priority to provide your loved ones with your new address and contact details. You should notify your utility companies, home services, and government offices about address changes. This is integral for keeping all of your accounts and billing in order with up-to-date addresses. It is also important if you have any monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions that may get automatically shipped to your home but will now need your new address. These documents are especially important when children are changing schools as you will need a proof of address.


First Minute Boxes For The Family


When you arrive in your new home, getting settled for the first night can be difficult if you need to rummage through boxes to find your belongings and necessities. A great strategy to combat this is by packing a smaller box or bag for each family member that includes their daily essentials like toiletries, change of clothing, technology, and any medication that should be on hand at all times. By having all of this separated from the rest of the moving boxes, this will allow you and the family to experience a more relaxed first night without the headache of completely unpacking right when you arrive.

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