After a long day, coming home and hoping for a good night of rest is such a simple desire. But if your bedroom isn’t designed right, getting a great sleep can be tough. We have come up with some simple ways to transform your bedroom into the most tranquil sleeping space.


Lighting Is Key


Lighting is a big factor that impacts your sleeping habits. To start, you should avoid blue light, specifically from technology. Exposure to blue light will delay your ability to sleep, so try to avoid using your phone or computer at least 2 hours before bed. Try swapping a social media scroll before bed for a chapter of a book! You should also incorporate lighting that can be dimmed so that it can be adjusted for reading, relaxing or getting ready in the morning. Casper offers The Glow Light, which you can set to adjust itself when you are preparing for bed or waking up in the morning, making the lighting feel more natural and gradually adjust for a soothing sleep routine.


Comfy Components


Your bed is the key component of a great night of sleep. Is your mattress too soft or too firm? This may be making a difference in you being able to get comfortable enough to sleep. Stop your tossing and turning, and take a visit to a mattress store and chat with an expert about which firmness of a mattress is right for you. Is temperature a big issue while you sleep? Consider the material of your comforter/duvet and sheets, as they may be the reason you are too hot or cold at night. Cold can be solved with thicker materials and layering, but overheating can be improved with lighter materials such as bamboo sheets or blankets, or investing in cooling pillows or cooling mats that you can place under your fitted sheet.


Soothing Scents


Smell is something that people don’t often consider in their nightly routine, but can play a huge role in a better sleep. Essential oils can be used in diffusers or as a topical solution to relieve stress and help you unwind before bed. Scents like lavender and camomile are most often discussed as the ideal options for relaxing. Try diluting some lavender essential oil with water and you can fill a spray bottle to use as a pillow spray or you can place the diluted solution in a roller ball bottle and apply it to your wrists and bottoms of your feet, as those are areas that can help relieve tension and promote a better sleep.


Declutter and Dream Well


The clutter in your bedroom can be a sign of the stress and anxiety you may be holding onto, which in turn is causing you feel restless and sleep poorly. Take a moment before you go to sleep to tidy up your space a little bit and organize your belongings for the next day so you aren’t running around while you are getting ready in the morning. These little preparations can relieve the stress you may be feeling about rushing in the morning. Preparing yourself in the evening, and going to sleep in a tidier space can be the slight change that will leave you falling fast asleep.

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