In Toronto, space is a luxury, so you must make do with small spaces and big ideas! We have compiled a list of simple design solutions to maximize your space that doesn’t require a ton of changes to your current setup.


Instead of buying the standard tall bookshelf that takes up prime wall real estate, invest in multi-purpose furniture that is not only comfy but also provides an option for hidden storage. This is an exceptional option for ottomans and coffee tables that accent the room and hide your clutter. There are plenty of fashionable and functional options available, such as the Evo Coffee Table from Structube that not only features concealed storage, but also a retractable tabletop that allows for adjustable use for working or dining.



Create an illusion of space by pulling your furniture away from the walls. Most of the time, it is common to line the walls with furniture, which actually end up making the room look cramped. Consider sliding a thin console table behind your sofa to help make a room look more spacious, and give you more space for storage! This console table from Lowes is sleek so it won’t take up too much space, but it also has a shelf that could be used to store magazines or spare throw blankets.



If you are living in a small, open concept space, consider the way you use colours in your space to help designate a divide between rooms. By separating your colour palette into different areas of your home, it will help bring a little more structure and visibility to the eyeline of an open concept condo. Try to use a lot of light, neutrals for the major areas of the walls, floors, and window covers, then integrate pops of colour as accent pieces through accessories. Don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns, such as a striped rug that can help create an illusion of an elongated space.



The most important step to making a small space feel bigger is by downsizing and decluttering. Think about the size and quantity of furniture and accessories that you are bringing into a space, then work to cut that amount down by at least 10%. Decluttering is a tough task, but it is important to prioritize the necessities and remove the items that are neither functional nor complementary to the room. Consider trying the KonMari Method, which encourages homeowners to cherish their goods and only continue to hold onto items that bring them joy. This method has proven to be an effective option for decluttering homes. If you’re not ready to let go of some sentimental belongings, but find that they take up too much space in your condo, look into storage solution options in your local area to temporarily house these items, but refer to the aforementioned method when considering your storage options.


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