You’ve decided to sell your home but this is just the beginning. To get that “sold” sign up on your property, you’ll need to get the word out so you can find the perfect buyer. One common way to market your home is through an open house. In this digital age, getting people through the door is about more than having an inviting welcome sign, it’s also about online strategies. We’ve outlined a few open house ideas — both on the ground, and digital — to help you get started. 


Invite the neighbourhood

To sell your house you need to make connections, and you never know how your perfect buyer might discover you and your home — they could be a neighbour or a friend of a friend. One strategy is to tell everyone in your neighbourhood about your open house, through flyers, a small bag of goodies, an email if you have a neighbourhood association and private messages and announcements to friends on social media. Inviting these friends and acquaintances can make the atmosphere of the open house lively, introducing positive energy that will be beneficial as potential buyers assess how they might feel living in your home. 


Make it fun

What do you love most about your home? Do you have a spacious garden, a cozy fireplace, or a fully-equipped chef’s kitchen? These are the types of features that will make your abode stand out to potential buyers and it is to your advantage to play these up at your open house. If you want to highlight an amenity in your kitchen — like a built-in warming drawer, or a top of the line stove — you can have a demonstration going that shows it in use. For your backyard, you can direct guests there with music and refreshments. You could even create a “party favour” for visitors, such as a scented candle or a mini succulent with your address and contact info for you and your agent included. 


Pay attention to the signs

If your home is in a lively neighbourhood it’s definitely possible that you will have people who come upon your house randomly during an afternoon stroll. There are several types of signs that you can choose from to attract people who might pass by. A-frames are sandwich-style signs that sit on the grass or sidewalk in front of your home and can be decorated with balloons for added appeal. Directional signs point buyers to your home and can be placed at busy intersections or forks in the road. Feather flags made of polyester or nylon attached to a metal or fibreglass pole for stability can add flair. 


Go digital

Open houses date back to the 1900s, and while the traditional ways of marketing an open house that are outlined above can lead to success, you might consider digital tips to attract more stop-ins. A survey of top agents across the United States from HomeLight found that 52% of agents recommend an open house as part of their strategies, while 48% did not. In general, agents across the nation are turning to online and social media marketing for open houses and selling homes in general. Those might include sharing the open house as an event on your social media pages, sending private messages to friends (as mentioned above), or even creating a website for your home and its open houses. Whatever you decide, use social media to your advantage as another tool to get people in the door and falling in love with your home.

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