A tell-tale sign that Spring has finally arrived is when the flowers begin to bloom. Lavender is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is not only a wonderful sight but also can be a delectable experience. In Ontario, there are several different lavender fields to indulge your senses and make a perfect outing for all to enjoy. Here are a few of our favourite spots to enjoy these fragrant and beautiful flowers:


Prince Edward County Lavender Farm


A County favourite, the Lavender Farm in Hillier provides visitors with the sensational experience of seeing, smelling, and even tasting the wonderful lavender that has bloomed. If you want to experience the lavender farm in a more intimate way, take the opportunity to book a staycation through their beautiful bed and breakfast. Make sure to visit the boutique to shop the lavender products available including lotions, soaps, essential oils, and more!


Terre Bleu


Known as one of Ontario’s largest lavender farms, this Campbellville location has attracted many of its expansive fields of lavender and lavender-based products that are available. A home to over 40,000 lavender plants, the family-owned business harvests by hand, then distill or dry their lavender into a range of natural products available for purchase on-site and online. Terre Bleu opens for the season in June, so be sure to add this as a stop on your summer bucket list!




In Port Hope, you can find Laveanne, a farm that produces over 40 varieties of lavender. By incorporating lavender into food and products, this farm also operates a remarkable terrace with options that include lavender, as well as a gift shop and plant nursery so you can take some lavender home with you. They are open every day of the week until October, so there is plenty of opportunities to visit. It is recommended to visit in July, which they say is the perfect time to experience the full bloom of their lavender.


Lavender Oasis Farm


Located over 20 minutes away from any major city, this quiet and serene farm is a perfect experience if you’re looking to get away from the busy city. With over 40 acres of land, they established the land for use in an environmentally sustainable way. Rather than renting out the land for cash crops, they have focused on only lavender plants in an effort to be environmentally friendly. They also have established a charity because of their passion for supporting children living in poverty and for families who work hard but are still unable to feed and clothe themselves – with the income of the farm going towards local charities in Hamilton.


Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Enjoy beautiful scenic views combined with indulging in a glass of local wine, just two hours west of Toronto. In Waterford, Bonnieheath Estate re-purposed their farm by producing a variety of crops including wine grapes, lavender, and small grains. Be sure to plan your visit to attend the 8th annual LavenderFest, which will be held Sat. July 7 & Sun. July 8. Check out the variety of products they have available online, with a large amount of lavender-based products and locally produced alcohol.

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