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By: Natalka Falcomer
Photography by: Michael Furman & Jordan Lenssen



Visitors to the pristine and contemporary headquarters of Peerage Capital Group immediately get the sense they are somewhere special. Imagine this as your office: a modern open space covered by some of the rarest and most coveted automobiles in the world.


This is the office of Peerage Capital, founded by Miles Nadal, and appropriately named, The Dare to Dream Garage. It is an office space within a car museum that matches Miles’ personal aesthetic. Every detail has a purpose, every corner is expertly polished and curated, and every car is best-in-class.


Having earned his success in the eat-or-be-eaten competitive marketing and communications industry, Miles Nadal is a decorated award winner and icon in the business community. He is best known as a self-starter whose business acumen has led to a life now dedicated to giving back. Miles champions Canadian entrepreneurs who demonstrate perseverance, vision and drive. He also supports numerous charitable projects dedicated to health, education and children’s welfare. Miles Nadal personifies Winston Churchill’s quote, “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


One of Miles’ favourite quotes is Bill Parcells’, “You are what your record says you are,” and Miles’ record is impressive. He and his partners have developed many successful businesses such as, D+H, MDC Partners, First Asset Management, Optus, Artemis Investment Management, Peerage Realty Partners, and Peerage Capital, with operations exceeding $7 billion dollars of enterprise value over the course of 38 years.




To say Miles Nadal is a busy man is an understatement. He is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Peerage Capital Group, a growing Canadian company that partners with businesses in industries such as real estate services, real estate investment and management, nancial services and specialty business services. Additionally, Miles is actively engaged with several charities in North America and Israel, where he travels at least twice a year. He’s also a devoted family man and father to four young women.


In early August, I was lucky enough to visit with Miles to learn more about how he came to be the man we know today and to learn about his vision for the future.




Q: Where and when does your story begin?
I was born in Toronto in 1958 – I just celebrated my 60th birthday in February. I come from modest means and grew up in a rental apartment in Forest Hill with my parents, Renee and Irwin, and my brother, Sheldon. He and I both attended the local schools.


Q: What was growing up like for you?
I remember my parents working very hard for everything we had, and I learned from that. From my father, I learned persistence and determination, and from my mother, I learned that anything is possible. My “Dare to Dream” philosophy really comes from her influence.


Q: How did this shape your business philosophy?
I am the champion of the underdog. I like people who come from nothing yet aspire and “Dare to Dream”. My whole philosophy in life is about trying to champion people who don’t have means but do have ambition and drive. I believe entrepreneurs are a special breed, they are risk-takers, dreamers, creative problem solvers, and ultimately, resourceful survivors who can evolve and adapt to shifting forces. It has always been my way. I nd it fascinating to be around people, and it doesn’t matter what they do; I enjoy interesting people.




Q: Peerage Capital currently has 11 business partners and, I am told, is growing. What is different about Peerage?
The power of human capital is a scarce and precious resource. I passionately believe that the quality of human capital is the ultimate differentiator behind long-term business success. So my goal has always been to partner with unique talent using my philosophy of “The Perpetual Partnership.” The concept is an idea focused on partnering with management teams in perpetuity for successive generations. It is an approach that proves that organizations can be created and enhanced to achieve levels of success beyond the style, ability or expertise of just the founders. Our partnerships today cross industries, however, they are all connected by a common vision of excellence in service.


Q: Is this the key to your success?
I believe my success stems from the ability to attract great partners and management within organizations, and align them so that they have both financial and emotional ownership in the business. Companies and their people are critical to the success of a partnership. I believe in leaving management teams in place because they know their business best. It’s very inspiring to come into a business that is already doing well and give them the support and tools they need to go even further, whether that’s specialized expertise or capital for growth. The success of our partners is really the testament that “The Perpetual Partnership” model works.


Q: When and how did Chestnut Park Real Estate become part of Peerage Realty?
When I met Catherine Deluce and Chris Kapches about 12 years ago, I really liked the Chestnut Park story. The brokerage was clearly successful, and I admired the reasons for their success. For example, I saw that the management team truly supported their agents and that this meant that the agents were empowered to ensure that every transaction was the beginning or continuation of a wonderful relationship. Furthermore, I admired Chestnut Park’s deep commitment to giving back to the community. 


Q: How has Chestnut Park evolved since it joined Peerage Realty?

A: Chestnut Park is always evolving in order to deliver premium service to its agents and their clients. During our partnership, Chestnut Park has expanded its footprint to Prince Edward County, Collingwood, and to its second home in Toronto, Forest Hill.

We’re building a beautiful new office in Port Carling, Muskoka. The 5,000 square foot office will serve as the most pre- eminent head office of any northern Ontario brokerage firm, which is a great testament to Chestnut Park’s position in the Muskoka marketplace. Despite this physical growth, Chestnut Park has still retained its core values and focus on excellence.


Q: You spoke about Chestnut Park giving back, why is this so important to you?
I attended summer camp because of donations from the Jewish community. This experience made giving back important to me. Not only is making a di erence in the world a critical motivator for me, but it’s also critical to the culture and DNA of all the organizations I’m involved with. Charitable giving is always a part of the values and beliefs of every Peerage partnership. When the Bloor Street Jewish Community Centre (now the Miles Nadal JCC) was looking to expand, I contributed the keystone gift to provide the opportunity for future generations to enjoy this wonderful institution.



Q: Are your children active philanthropists?
My girls were the first members of Leadership Sinai, a program I created to inspire young professionals to engage in philanthropy from an early age. I don’t believe that philanthropy is only about writing a cheque. There are lots of ways you can contribute and I taught them this through my rule of three: contribution of time, talent and treasure. My hope for the girls is that they will carry the torch for me, and that the Nadal legacy will be giving back.


Q: Knowing philanthropy is very important to you, what are some of your favourite causes?
It’s impossible to pick a favourite, as the needs are so high everywhere. My more recent contributions have been in Israel and Toronto. In March of 2017, I cut the ribbon to the Miles Nadal Home for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University in Israel and in April of this year, we opened the Miles Nadal Heart Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. I am very proud of the Sinai contribution — I have met with many of the patients and their stories are inspiring and humbling.




Q: Dare To Dream isn’t just your business philosophy, it’s also what you’ve named your collection of cars. Can you tell me about how that started?
My first car was a 1980 Grand Prix outfitted with navy blue velour seats and a car phone. Over the years I purchased more and had started a modest collection of 10 that I enjoyed driving. In 2013, I had the good fortune of meeting Jay Leno. Jay has an incredible, world-class collection which he invited me to see, and that was it. I came home from L.A. and announced that we would begin collecting cars and we grew this collection in five years.


Q: Do you have a favourite car from your collection?
Cars are like art to me, it’s the expression of artistic design that I appreciate. Choosing a favourite can be difficult. Of the group, I have a special appreciation of the McLaren P1 (2015), the Porsche 356A Speedster (1957), the Bugatti Veyron (2008), the LaFerrari (2015) and the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing (1955). But really, it’s the sum of the total collection that brings me the most satisfaction.


When I asked Miles what his vision for his legacy is, he told me that he wants to be remembered as a “great family guy, great community guy,” and as “someone who lived his life to create value but, more importantly, to give back and make the world modestly better than I found it.” For those of us eager to strive for Miles’ level of success, his advice is straightforward:

“have goodwill and be nice, and desire to dream beyond the ordinary.” Warren Buffet once said that goodwill is the gift that keeps giving,” and Miles’ success certainly illustrates how generosity towards others multiplies in many ways. From his charitable contributions to his car collection, Miles Nadal has created a life of abundance by giving first.

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