Toronto’s art scene is thriving with new and innovative artists. With plenty of art to display, there are so many new spots around the city opening to host a variety of different pieces that will surely pique your interest. Here are some of our favourites:


C9 Art Gallery




The relaxed but sophisticated new space located in Yorkville focuses on international perspectives on contemporary art. This location fits the neighbourhood perfectly, with a modern look that can be used as a massive art gallery or transformed into a beautiful event space. From May 25th to July 7th, they will be housing the extraordinary works of Canadian artist Corno and their Andy Warhol inspired pieces. Not only does it feature Corno’s work, but also some of the masterpieces from Warhol’s collection including a rare exhibition poster of the famous Campbell’s Soup series.


Gallery 181




Located in Toronto’s historic Moss Park, Gallery 181 is curated by HGTV host, Danielle Nicholas Bryk. Influenced by her style and aesthetics, Danielle has created a unique concept space that helps create connections between artists and collectors. The upcoming exhibition by artist Gordon Shadrach whose work explores issues of identity within Canadas black community with a compelling use of acrylic on wood panel to express their narrative. Be sure to keep an eye out on their exhibition page for more amazing featured artists to come!


Withrow Common




Common reasons to visit Exhibition Place is for a Toronto FC game or the Canadian National Exhibition, but this year you can add Withrow Common Gallery to that list. The new CNE Association venue is now home to over 2500 square feet on the west side of the Queen Elizabeth building. This clean and modern rebuild has brought new life into the mid-century space. Recently, this gallery has hosted exhibitions for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, with 10 different Canadian artists displaying their photography. This exciting new gallery/event space is a revolutionary addition to the historic Exhibition grounds.


Museum of Contemporary Art




MOCA is definitely not a new establishment in Toronto, but this gallery will be moving to a new space in September! A hub for creative exchange, the former Queen West gallery focuses on partnerships with leading like-minded artists, organizations, institutions and festivals from Toronto. While you won’t be able to visit this space until it opens up again in the fall, but it is a prime spot for viewing talented local artists. Be sure to check out their website for all updates about their new location!

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