Jerald Webster is an abstract artist who is a powerful painter demonstrating a unique gift for colour. He has a style that is completely unforgiving, staining is ‘one shot; painting which forces spontaneous colour improvisation.

In each picture, the colour must seem fresh, alive and with its own chromatic logic and form of life. Webster uses colour solely to express the self without any holding back, forced gestures, or equivocations. He also ads an acrylic medium, which makes staining technically sound, and offers a whole new range of brighter clearer colours than were ever available before. Staining shows the canvas wearve throughout and it is this warm, literal, flatness which gives the colour forms their illusive, embodied, ideal feeling.
When Webster became part of the New New Painters, his love affaire with pure colour. In his more recent years as an artist, Webster has created work with more freedom in his drawing and surface, as he had previously in his colour. Webster is now a much larger, freer artist. 

Jerald Webster’s work can be seen at The Museum Of New until May 13th at the exhibition of the New New Painters. Open to the public, visitors are welcome to visit every Saturday from 2-5pm until May 13th, or by appointment.

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