Eagle Island is one of the last few remaining gems of old Muskoka. This island is a quiet place that requires boats for pleasure and for transportation. The island was first acquired from the Crown in the late 1890’s by The Campbell and Maison families. Later it was purchased by the Bruge family from Buffalo and then the Lockwood family from Buffalo.



Georgia Meade Green Forman purchased the island in 1921, and it has remained in the family since then. The 5 live-in buildings, the ice house, the long dock, and the 7 + slip boathouse are grandfathered in, meaning, the number of buildings and kitchens that house people found here cannot be duplicated in today’s environment.



All have been preserved with up to date electrical, plumbing, and foundations, except for the small building at the end of the island. History is in every corner of every building.


The sellers hope that someone will come and appreciate all that is offered from the old stone masonry to the ancient glass windows. It is a place for family, for the gathering of friends, and for rejuvenating your spirit.




This promising family estate opportunity is a rare offering of 10+ acres of gentle sweeping land with pathways throughout. Quiet coves and sandy beaches, sloping rock and deep water appeal to all your waterfront activities.



The elegant 5 bedroom summer residence have sweeping verandahs, indoor and screened outside dining areas serves up the best of Olde Muskoka.

Two separate guest cabins plus 2 bunkies, fabulous 7 slip boathouse, large west facing sun and swim dock, hot tub on rock point add to the family pleasures of this Island Paradise.



Please note that the island consists of two separate parcels allowing for extraordinary multifamily development.


Eagle Island is currently listed at $9,750,000. For more information on this listing, please contact Tom McDonald and Jamie Blair at (705) 375-9191.

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