Granite rock outcroppings and towering pines adorn 239 feet pristine deep-water shoreline on 1.36 acres of exceptional privacy. SW-W-NW exposure offers generous long lake panorama with island dotted views and year-round sunsets. Level lot is ready for development, the driveway has been installed, building site has been cleared, topographical survey completed. 



Easy access off Highway 400 just north of Lake Joseph, Clear Lake is one in a chain of 3 along with Big Whitefish and Little Whitefish Lakes, lending miles of boating and fabulous fishing. This prime property is one of very few West facing lots on the crystal waters of Clear Lake. Quite possibly the best vacant lot on the lakes!



Clear Lake is a spectacular alternative to the Big Three, Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau and Joseph. There are many advantages to owning property on a “perimeter” lake including lower taxes and less hustle and bustle. It is motorized and cottagers enjoy wake-boarding and water-skiing among other sports.



Clear Lake has its own cottage association who pledge to preserve its quality. They use no fertilizer, weed killer, detergent or soap in the lake or on surrounding property; they maintain approved septic systems; they protect fish habitat and encourage shoreline vegetation. 



Why are the waters of Clear Lake so clear? Some 45,000 years ago Clear Lake was formed by one of the bottom-dragging retreating and melting glaciers. Glaciers formed lakes by cutting holes in loose soil or soft bedrock, depositing material, or leaving buried chunks of ice. These chucks of ice melted to leave lake basins. Cottagers enjoy swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling Clear Lake for this reason. 



If you are looking for crystal clear lake water, exceptional privacy, sunsets, gorgeous views and level land comprised or granite rock outcroppings and glorious pine trees where you can build your dream cottage…this property is for you!


This cottage is currently listed at $1,249,000. For more information on this listing, please contact Jack Janssen at (705) 765-6878.

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