This week, we have another beautiful Japanese Christie’s affiliate listing. The other week we featured The Four Seasons Hotel Residence Kyoto, so we are happy to have another lovely opportunity from Japan.



This 100-year-old residence surrounded by an immaculately manicured Japanese garden, Ryujindo is a tranquil and historical one-acre estate that nestles amid Kyotos most revered temples, taking its cue from five nearby places of worship.





The current owner has borrowed aspects of the surrounding shrines to inform and inspire the Ryujindo grounds, including neighboring Ryoanji temples signature white river sand from its stone garden.





Another noted temple complex to the west, Ninna-ji, is celebrated for its special dwarf cherry trees, omuro sakura, and a specimen has been paired with another symbolic tree of the Japanese imperial family.





Finally, the Kinkaku-ji temple, with its celebrated Golden Pavilion and accompanying mirror pond, has inspired the design of the residences second floor. Other features include a tea room and a ceiling dragon painting, informed by the Daitoku-ji and Myoshin-ji temples, respectively.




For more information on this Christie’s affiliate property, click here.

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