The Debbie Penzo Team looks forward to working with you throughout

the process of selling your home. We are here to help clarify and simplify the process, and to

get started on readying your home for sale and getting it on the market .

Our Tips
For Seller’s

Before starting the process of selling your home, we recommend these 5 tips to all sellers:


Select The Right Agent

Select the right agent for your property. You will be communicating with this agent on a regular basis, so make sure you feel comfortable with them. It is critical to select an agent who has a high-level understanding of your neighbourhood, the marketability of your property, and a strong pricing strategy.


Market Trends

The market will determine what your property ultimately sells, however your agent should educate you about recent sales in your neighbourhood, current competing listings, and an overview of market trends so that you understand the current state of the market and the value of your home.


Legal Counsel

Consult with your lawyer and accountant to understand the legal and financial implications of selling your home at the time you decide to sell.


A Seller’s Checklist

Make Minor Repairs

  • Dirty walls should be re-painted if possible.
  • Repair or remove any signs of water damage.
  • Re-grout floor and wall tiles if necessary.
  • Sand and re-finish wood flooring if necessary.
  • Make sure your doorbell works (it’s the first impression!)
  • Fix any cabinetry doors and drawers that do not work properly.
  • Make sure all hardware is securely fastened.

Sparkling Clean

  • Have the house professionally cleaned from top to bottom.
  • Have your windows professionally cleaned to maximize light in your home.
  • Clutter is confusing. De-clutter and tidy up the entire place. There should
    be no knick knacks.
  • Clean and polish all floors, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Eliminate bad odours, they distract buyers. Scented candles are a
    nice touch.

The Extra Mile for the Best Return

  • TIP: Most buyers look at decor and furnishing before they look at the
    fundamental space. Furnish well or consider a professional stager.
  • Will your home ’s value increase if you renovate certain spaces such
    as your kitchen or your bathroom.
  • Improve your lighting – add dimmers for mood, increase the wattage
    of existing lights, and keep curtains open.
  • Warm up the space with accessories such as pillows, rugs, throws.
  • De-clutter and organize your closets to make them feel spacious.

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