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Whether you’re outfitting a charming courtyard in the city or an oceanfront estate, these products will help you make the most of your summer.


Hot weather? Check. Champagne chilling? Check. Helicopter delivering your guests to your private patch of ocean? Check. It’s summertime, and the weather dictates that we must get outdoors. From intricately designed seating to elegant vessels for keeping your libations cool, Luxury Defined presents the stylish, the practical, and the indulgent outdoor furnishings that you just can’t be without this season.


The Heat Is On



Stretch the season with Paloforms collection of fire pits. The design studio crafts simple vessels in architectural concrete, corten, and stainless steel. Banner image: Studio Job reinterprets traditional metal garden furniture for Seletti. Photograph: ARBOL house/


Evening temperatures can dip even after the warmest of days, which is why no outside space is complete without a fire pit. Paloform has been crafting artisanal steel and concrete versions since 2010, which, in the words of founder and creative director Khai Foo, represent “the union of industry and alchemy. We believe in coaxing beauty from humble materials.” Trendy designs include the wide, shallow Bolin in corten steel, and the wide and low Robata, which converts into a coffee table.


Rockin’ Chairs



Expressive and experimental, Studio Job draws upon classical, popular, and contemporary design and visual art for its intricate garden chairs. Photograph: ARBOL house/


At first sight, these may look like any other traditional garden table and chairs, but look a little closer and you’ll see their filigree designs, which, along with common motifs like flowers and butterflies, also include rockets and teapots. Created by acclaimed design duo Studio Job for Seletti, and made available by ARBOL house, they offer “a rock ’n’ roll reinterpretation” of outdoor furniture. Constructed in lightweight aluminum, the chairs and tables are available in matte white, black, green, and red.


Moor Power



The founders of Waterscape aimed to create a product that is “so beautiful, seamless, and contemporary that it is a compelling purchasing decision for any sort of property with water frontage.” Photograph: Florian Groehn


The thrill of zipping around in your speedboat is all well and good, but sometimes you want to take your foot off the pedal without having to go home and dock. Which is why Argentina-born, Australia-based Alexander Lotersztain devised the Waterscape. The floating platform allows you to moor your vessel offshore, and offers a deck on which to lounge, and from which to dive. Thanks to its patented design, you can tailor your Waterscape to your precise size requirements.


Full Of Beans



For Lujo, all of its furniture must impress visually, maximize relaxation, and stand the test of time. Each collection is named after a particular travel experience that left designers feeling inspired.


Lujo’s outdoor beanbags and ottomans are designed to let their users “put life on pause” momentarily by bringing a sense of “time out” to their homes. Made with Sunbrella marine fabrics and waterproof liners, the versatile outdoor bean bags are designed to endure hot, cold, sun, and rain, while continuing to look good year after year. Their New Zealand designers are proud of the three core values that drive their work. Each piece, they say, must “impress visually,” “maximize relaxation,” and “stand the test of time.”


Designed For Display



The sleek Dom Pérignon champagne vasque by Martin Szekely holds four standard bottles or two magnums of bubbly.


To celebrate the art of hosting, Clos19—the modern expression of LVMHs estates around the world—has introduced a range of accessories designed to help you and your guests sniff out the subtleties of their fine wines, champagnes, and spirits. And they’ve not forgotten the pleasure of outdoor celebrations. The Dom Pérignon champagne vasque, designed by Martin Szekely, promises to keep your bubbly at its ideal temperature, not to mention readily available for refilling your—and your guests’—glasses during a garden party. French designer Szekely, whose work has appeared at New York’s MoMA and Paris’s Galerie Kreo, gets to the heart of an object’s function before determining what form it will take.


Group Grilling



Individually controlled gas grills are inset into the centre of iBBQ’s Angara barbecue table.


The ultimate outdoor furnishing has to be a grill, and while a barbecue can often mean isolation for the cook, iBBQ’s innovative Angara Maximus barbecue table has built-in grill strips between diners, meaning it’s not just the host who has to do the cooking. In three sizes—with seating for four, six, or eight—the tables feature independently fired gas grills inset discreetly into the centre, so everyone has easy access to the cooking area. Made of elegant and durable iroko wood, handcrafted in the United States, the table’s high-performance stainless-steel grills can provide up to 45,000BTU of searing heat to perfectly cook whatever you have in mind, minus the smoke. Sure to make a statement on any patio or terrace, it also comes complete with programmable LED lighting.

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