The task of decorating a home with limited space to meet your storage needs can be tough. Just because you choose to live in a home with less square footage does not mean you need to live with less. We’ve come up with some simple options that will make a huge difference when it comes to storage in small spaces. These small space ideas are great options to maximize storage in homes of any size.


Use Vertical Space Wisely


Square footage is always a problem in small homes, especially condos, so use vertical space to make up for it. A lot of people put in shelves or place bookcases against their walls thinking about the storage it will provide, but not necessarily how it will disturb the overall look of the room. Try not to clutter your eye line, so place closed shelving or well organized shelving there. Don’t be afraid to install cabinets and shelves up the wall to create an illusion of height in your small space. Floating shelves, like these from Wayfair, are an awesome bedroom storage solution. They free up floor space and allow more natural light to flow through your home, which will completely transform any space.


Add Risers To Your Furniture


A simple solution to continuing the feel of freeing up floor space is placing your furniture on risers. By lifting your furniture off the ground, you are raising the eye line of the room, but also providing space for under-furniture storage. This trick is especially useful in the bedroom, where under-bed storage is the perfect solution for transitioning in and out of seasons. They are such a small change that make a huge impact on the functionality of your space. You can find riser options at most home department stores, like this tall option from Bed Bath and Beyond.


Multi-Purpose Furniture


The duality of some pieces of furniture can change the way you build your space. Pieces that are multi-functional are a great option as storage for small spaces. Whether it is an ottoman with built-in storage or a desk that folds down from covering a storage shelf, these simple additions can save you both money and space. Storage furniture for small spaces are exceptionally helpful in spaces like childrens bedrooms, where storage options may be limited and space might be tight. Beds with built-in storage underneath, like this option from Structube, are a great spot to store clothes and linens for quick accessibility.


Declutter Your Space


The most important step to making a small space feel bigger is by downsizing and decluttering. Think about the size and quantity of furniture and accessories that you are bringing into a space, then work to cut that amount down by at least 10%. Decluttering is a tough task, but it is important to prioritize the necessities and remove the items that are not functional nor complementary to the room. Consider trying the KonMari Method, which encourages homeowners to cherish their goods and only continue to hold onto items that bring them joy. This method has proven to be an effective option for decluttering homes.

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