Toronto has mastered the art of vertical living. This comes as no surprise given that condos account for almost 77 per cent of all residential builds and are the largest source of new housing supply in the city. What is surprising, however, is how vertical living has created some of the city’s most vibrant vertical neighbourhoods.




Toronto Life’s series on condo living is a testament that condos are no longer the last resort when searching for a place to live. Quite the opposite. As we’re transitioning from an “bigger is better” society to “experience is better” society, homeowners of all generations are choosing the freedom that only a condo can afford (read: no yard and low to no maintenance). But, it’s not only convenience that’s driving the desirability of condo living, it’s also the neighbourhoods that are being created.


For example, a dog-walking group of waterfront condo owners who now have become friends “dog sit” for each other. Another community in the downtown core gather monthly to play trivia and tennis games. Toronto Life further tells several heartwarming stories about renters and owners from diverse backgrounds becoming friends and finding their “true love” – none of which would have happened had they lived in a sprawling suburb instead of a tightknit community.     


The Nest is a perfect example of how developers are tapping into the need for community by building luxurious and inviting rooftop patios. A warming pit and clever seating arrangements keep friends warm and encourage conversation. The Nest also shows how a building itself can become a vibrant neighbourhood. This is because The Nest residents not only get to know each other there, but they also visit the same local butcher shops, bakeries and cafes, so they get to shop and make new friends just steps from where they live.



Another example of a condo built and designed to encourage a particular type of community is Seventy5 Portland Street. Anyone who loves the convenience of grabbing inhouse baked goods from Forno Cultura for the morning walk to work and a delicious dinner at Buca after work would feel right at home at “Seventy5”. The builders of this boutique building understood that it was important to not only build in one of Toronto’s buzzing neighbourhoods, but also give its residents high end finishes and a home perfect for popping champagne before a night out.



For those searching for quiet nights, twenty-four-seven concierge and an intimate community, 2 Lynwood just might end your search. Most residents at Lynwood have owned their suite for quite some time enjoying the fact that they know their neighbours by name and share similar interests. This community feel extends to the staff. Lynwood’s concierge has been supporting the residents for over twelve years. They know each resident by name, their schedules and help the residents orchestrate their various lifestyle requests. This 16-unit, 7 storey building is intimate making it easy to not only know your neighbours and the staff, but also to become friends.




The old narrative that living in a condo is equivalent to “living in a box” is passé. Today’s builders know that they’re building not only a structure, but also a community. Looking for a specific community and a building filled with amenities just for you? Take a look at Chestnut Park’s listings situated in some of the city’s best vertical neighbourhoods.


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