Condos are not for everyone, but they are for a lot of people. Whether you’re a young professional who is looking for convenience or an empty nester who wants to downsize and enjoy amenities without leaving their building, condos can make the perfect home for people living in the city. Amenities are one of the many reasons why condos are so appealing to city folks. As more and more condo buildings saturate the city, amenities start becoming more creative and convenient.


Here are some luxury amenities to look for when you start condo shopping:


Rooftop Patios


Rooftop patios are great. Enjoy sunning by the pool or hot tub, have drinks with your friends, enjoy an al-fresco meal in a social setting or just enjoy the view. Rooftop patios allow you to enjoy a summery social scene without having to leave your home and spend extra money. Bonus points if they have a Jacuzzi, outdoor pool and BBQ’s. Many newer condo buildings have created an outdoor space on their rooftops.


BBQ Hookups


A downside of moving into a condo can be having the sacrifice BBQ’ing your dinner. However, there are a few newer builds that offer a BBQ hookup on balconies or communal BBQ’s for use on an outdoor space- you just have to sign those out. Just because you plan on moving to a condo, doesn’t mean you have to give up a summer-favourite activity.


Indoor/Outdoor Pools


Swimming pools are often overlooked – especially if they are indoor, but are also missed when there isn’t one available. They provide another form of physical activity, a nice cool day after a long day at work or a hot summer day and can even be a nice social setting to enjoy with guests. Some buildings will offer an indoor and outdoor option, while others will offer one option. If you plan on moving into a building based on the pool, make sure you decide on the option you will use the most! And if you’re lucky, you can enjoy some of the newer designs that create cool illusions!


Upscale Gym/Yoga Studio


Health and wellness is a huge priority for many. If you don’t want to have to splurge on a gym membership, the gym in your condo building could be a deciding factor. Some building will have a small dedicated space to health and wellness, while others can use nearly an entire floor for it. Many buildings make gyms and other options for physical activity a large priority, which ensures no excuses. After a long day at work, you can simply take the stairs or the elevator to your luxury gym.


Playrooms and Party Rooms/Movie Rooms


In Toronto, many families are resorting to condos over homes, which can be difficult if you have little ones in tow. New developments are creating ergonomic play spaces for children to run around, play and learn. Party spaces can be an important amenity for professionals and families who want to entertain a larger crowd of guests. If you have children or plan on hosting parties, playrooms, movie theatres and party rooms could be high on your list.


Dog Spa


No one likes bringing their muddy dog back to their condo. Walking them across your clean floors and into the bathtub does not seem appealing to many. There are many condos that have a dog spa on their first floor so that residents can clean up their pups after a fun walk outdoors! And when they’re not muddy and wet, you can use the space for convenient grooming.

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