John Gittins is an abstract artist. You can see his art work at The Museum of New.

Gittins believe that all art involves a representation in one way or another. For Gittins, the emergence of the various art styles we call “Post-Modernist’ strike him as having been motivated by an urgent desire to put back into art many aspects of life that had been repressed or ‘marginalized’, by ‘Modernism’. He believe that a post-modernist sees his subject seeing him seeing her (the subject), and he tries to find a way to embody this complex phenomenon somehow in some medium.
As for abstraction, if he can’t get what he wants from it, then it’s possible he would shift to realism. His photography is done is a realistic style, and it is more naturally fitted to the kind of subject matter that interests me. He believes his photography is not in a crisis, because of his subject-matter interest, but his abstract painting is. Since the act of painting is as central to him as his photography is, he’ll probably continue to paint in some way whatever the result of his investigation of abstraction’s fitness for complex human-world subject-matter turns out to be.

John Gittens work can be seen at The Museum of New, until May 13th at the exhibition of the New New Painters.

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