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Giacomo Della Porta was one of the most important Italian architects and sculptors, who worked on many important buildings in Rome but mostly finished St. Peters Dome. Della Porta was influenced by and collaborated with Michelangelo, and after 1563 he carried out Michelangelos plans for the rebuilding of the Capitoline Hills open spaces by completing the facade and steps of Palazzo Senatorio, and the Cordonata Capitolina (the ramped steps up to the piazza del Campidoglio). The genial imprint of Giacomo della Porta on the project of Palazzo Albertoni Spinola is revealed firstly through the integration of the two units that enables the ancient Palazzetto to extend into the new construction seamlessly; second in the creation of view perspective from the entrance of the ancient building to Santa Maria in Campitelli Church, through the diagonal trend in the new courtyard of Palazzo; third with the enjoyment of the Palazzetto secret garden even from the new Palazzo first floor. 



The Palazzetto is composed of three independent but connected with each other luxury suites. The residences may be accessed by several different entrances that permit absolute privacy: either through the main monumental staircase, or from Capizucchi alley via from Capizucchi square, or from the entrance hall on the ground floor of the Palazzo using the spiral staircase that starts right at that entrance. The Garden Suite is located on the first floor of the Palazzetto. The unique private secret garden is the gem of the residence. The prestigious Garden consists of 3789 sq ft suite on the first floor of the Palazzetto with entrance from the monumental staircase and a separate private service entrance from Capizucchi alley. The suite extends over three levels connected by a circular staircase. The first level consists of an entrance hall, three living rooms, a dining room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a hallway. The garden is accessed from the living room, the dining room, and from the lower level kitchen. The lush garden is a total of over 1912 sq ft. The living room has a central fireplace which is covered, on its outer part, with pinewood. The ceilings are made of walnut wood originally from the 19th century. The intermediate level is between the first floor and the ground floor and consists of the kitchen, a working room, a utility bedroom, a pantry and a closet. Finally, there is a pantry room on the ground floor with a small bathroom and another utility room where there is access to the Gym and the Wellness area. The Ambassador and the Executive Suites are located on the second, and on the mezzanine floor of Palazzo.



The suites are independent but connected. There are two entrances on the second landing of the monumental staircase and another private entrance from the ground floor where the gym and wellness are located as exclusive amenities for the suites. Large and stunning terraces are the main features of these suites. Both suites are directly connected with the breath-taking rooftop Terrace with its stunning 3viewsiew over Rome on the roof of the Palazzo with a lovely view of the neighbourhood and the Altar of the Fatherland. 


The Ambassador Suite consists of 3506 sq. ft. and 753 sq. ft. of terraces and balconies. The terrace above the master bedroom covers 451 sq. ft. Additionally, there is a small two-person balcony overlooking the garden. As you enter the suite there is an entrance hall, a lounge, a dining room and a study, a full bath and another half bath. From the entrance hall to the left there is a passageway to the sleeping area that consists of three bedrooms one being a master and two bathrooms. The floors are made of nailed oak parquet laid in a herringbone pattern. From the entrance hall to the right there is a light hallway that brings to the kitchen and a service areas. From the kitchen through a door there is access to the rooftop terrace and the little chapel. 


Also, here there is the connection with the Executive Suite that extends over 1719 sq. ft. The entrance opens to the gallery, built with sheet brick wall and supported by six brackets of masonry. The gallery leads to the living and dining room. There are two bedrooms, with elegant and spacious built-in closets, adjacent to the living room and dining room as-well-as 2 bathrooms. The living room and both bedrooms feature windows overlooking Piazza Campitelli. The two bathrooms are covered with travertine, and there is a unique iron beam supporting the ceiling of the building that is part of the architecture design in the living room and was installed during the renovation work. The Rooftop Terrace has a 360-degree breathtaking view of the main monuments over Rome, such as the Altar of the Fatherland, the Dome of St. Peter, the Mouth of Truth and many others. Finally, there is a stunning room with original frescoes on the ground floor with a bathroom and another room where there in access to the Gym and the Wellness area. This masterpiece asset is full-filled from a small collection of six portrayed sculpted heads: one in the entrance hall past the courtyard and the other five over the monumental stairs, which were part of the collection of the Paluzzi Albertoni family – collectors of ancient artwork; and from various frescoes located in the Little Chapel, in the private gym of the Ambassador and Executive suite and in the small of?ce.



Total surface of 17,362 sq ft. including up to 11 bedrooms, 15.5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, lounges, private garden of 1852 sq ft; one private terraces of 753 sq ft, a little chapel, a rooftop terrace with a garret of 2023 sq ft. and 4 private parking spaces at the courtyard of the Palazzo. The asset will be sold redeveloped following the Redevelopment plan included in the Appraisal. Each suite will be equipped with fitness, wellness, relaxation areas at the ground floor after the Redevelopment plan. The three residences share common parts located at the ground floor like lobby/security services, a small of?ce and a movie theatre for private screenings also. The sale of the property will happen through a competitive sale. The procedures are indicated in the below link, where there are also a video, further photos, the plans, the renderings, the list of the works of art with their descriptions, more detailed descriptions, and the history of the property. 


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