COVID-19 has completely altered the workforce in a matter of weeks, with many people working from home during these trying times. For many, this is a brand new experience with a lot of hiccups along the way. Finding the right motivation to work at home at the level you are used to might be difficult, however, we have provided some suggestions that could help your work-at-home strategy!


Choose A Dedicated Workspace


Your workspace plays a huge factor in your productivity levels. It may not be easy to have an office-style workspace at home if you don’t have a designated space already, but there are a few specific things to keep in mind when setting up at home. As great as it seems, do not work from your bed or your couch! It is important to designate a space that you are able to physically walk away from your work at the end of the day. Spaces like your dining room, guest bedroom, basement, or rec room are great options to set up your makeshift office. You want to make sure your space is close to plugs and natural light to keep you literally and metaphorically charged! 


Plan and Schedule Your Day


Your office likely uses some tools to keep your team organized, but working-from-home is a test of your organizational skills. It is really easy to get distracted while working from home, but by organizing your tasks and dividing your day accordingly will allow you to find the best work-life balance. Try a variation of the Pomodoro method to keep you on track throughout the day. This is also ideal to carve out your well-deserved breaks, lunchtimes, and opportunities to stretch your legs and keep your blood flowing. It is important to set a strict workday start and end because when working from home, it is very easy to lose track of time and find yourself overworking!



Working from home can definitely take a toll on your mental health. It is important to maintain your routines and take care of yourself so that you can remain happy, healthy, and productive. First, your morning routine should remain the same as it would on a regular day. Get up and get dressed, do not remain in your pyjamas all day – it doesn’t have to be your regular business wear, but that change helps you mentally create a division between relaxing and working. Use the time that you would normally take commuting to enjoy your coffee, take your dog for a walk, make a full breakfast, etc. Following the safety guidelines outlined by the province and country, take a break and take a walk outside to get some fresh air and exercises (while keeping safe distances from others on the street). 


Stay Connected With Your Coworkers


On a regular basis, you spend around 40 hours with your coworkers and are in constant contact throughout your workweek. If not already established, use a communication tool to stay connected with your team to keep each other updated throughout the day. This is also an important time to over-communicate so that nothing is missed for your clients or teammates. It is also integral to clarify your work-from-home expectations with your team and management so that there is a clear communication protocol and work strategy in place. Programs such as Microsoft Teams, Trello, Zoom, & Whatsapp are great tools to stay connected with your team when working from home.

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