The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) prepares to host many hungry and fun-seeking Torontonians by holding this penultimate event to conclude the summer season. Serving as the “showcase of the nation” the CNE truly has something for everybody in the form of food, markets, performances, carnival rides, and many more. While the CNE might signal an end to the summer season, turn that frown upside down and make your way to the Exhibition grounds for another truly special summer memory. 


Food Items under $6



A new addition to the already fantastical food lineup at the CNE this year is the “Under $6 in the Six” area, where the bandshell designated area will feature food items for the low price of $6 and below! This option is great for getting a quick snack while not overspending your hard-earned cash. Included in this price range are deep-fried mars bars, soft pretzels, Italian sausages, and chicken tacos. 



Watch the Air Show



Happening from August 31-September, the air show celebrates its 70th year by welcoming the Red Arrows, a team from the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team to the skies of Toronto. Also featured in the aerial spectacle is another stunning performance from the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, featuring nine pilots all from Canada. To commemorate the special performance, the space west of the CNE Rose Garden will be transformed into flight exhibit, with a Royal Canadian Air Cadet Glider on display as well as new age aviation displays. 



National Geographic – 50 Greatest Photographs



This exhibit includes some of the most compelling photographs from National Geographic, over the past 50 years. Take a journey through time and explore the most significant and stunning images from the 131-year history of the National Geographic publication. Beyond the photographs, youll have the opportunity to explore the context in which the photos were taken, giving you an inside look at history through the eyes of world-class photographers. The National Geographic photograph exhibit is located in the Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies pavilion. 



The EX Race



The EX Race is a brand new event occurring with multiple installments running until September 2nd. This high octane event is perfect for adrenaline junkies, putting participants in a race against the clock while pushing the physical and tactful limits of the average competitor. Contestants will be seen scaling walls, climbing monkey pegs, and sprinting to the finish line. Fans of American Ninja Warrior will not want to miss this!






One of the most popular shows at the CNE, SuperDogs remains a highlight of the CNE experience for animal lovers and fans of athletic spectacles. SuperDogs is a show that pits paw against paw in a race against the clock which features performances from ever-capable canines. While the SuperDog performance is nothing new, this years installment includes a magical theme called “Abracadabark” where mans best friend will be performing a crowd-raising array of tricks. 







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